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In a world of tribal temptations, we must be people who are true to Godโ€™s Word. We were made to belong first to God. Patrick and Keith are working to lead the way.
Kyle-02 (2)

Kyle Idleman

Bestselling author of Not a Fan and One at a Time

Revival looks like Christians waking up to the ways political parties and their allied media seek to co-opt and corrupt our faith.

Collin Hansen

Vice President of Content and Editor in Chief of The Gospel Coalition, host of Gospelbound podcast

In a time where division and quarrels are at a fever pitch, books that nudge us toward a more loving, life-giving posture are sorely needed. This is such a book.

Scott Sauls

Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church and author of several books, including A Gentle Answer and Beautiful People Donโ€™t Just Happen